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Our goal is to provide professional and effective service to our Clients. Our proven marketing plan helps to ensure that your home will sell quickly, with the least amount of inconvenience, the best possible price and best terms for our Clients.


Our Marketing Plan


We are full time Realtors dedicated to working for our clients.

Professional staging by Jodi, an interior designer to prepare your home for showings. For more information on Staging your home, please CLICK HERE 


Greatest exposure for your home. Accesses over 20,000 Realtors, with 24 hour access to information and photos of your home for buyers. A virtual tour will also be created showing many details of your home, on the main public web site (mls.ca) as well as our website: www.jodiandbruno.com. Our marketing plan goes beyond these websites and will be featured on many other websites as well.

We have an extensive online presence! Our listings are advertised on multiple websites to ensure maximum exposure of your home! (Please look below for a detailed list)



Advertising in local newspapers to find qualified buyers. Advertising includes but is not limited to: Mississauga News, Brampton Guardian, Oakville Beaver, Real Estate News. 


We also have an extensive online presence! Our listings are advertised on multiple websites to ensure maximum exposure of your home!



Advertising your home with a dedicated website with your address

[Ex www.124Main Street.com]



DIRECT MAIL:                           

Flyer drops to homes within your area.


OPEN HOUSES:                    

Includes public open houses.
An Open House is very effective in marketing your home, providing that your home is marketed and advertised effectively and properly!


YARD SIGN:                    

Will be on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.





Negotiating the best price for you. Offers are difficult to get. Don’t trust just anyone to sell your home. Buyers Agents represent the Buyers. We represent you. We will personally present all offerss and use our skills to negotiate not only the best possible price but also the best possible terms for you including but not limited to the completion date and any other aspect that is important, critical or sentimental to you.




We will review market activity on a constant basis to ensure that your home remains competitive and provide constant feedback on showings.



We will assist you to coordinate with the attorneys, home inspectors, and mortgage officers. We monitor every aspect of the closing daily until the deal is closed.


Our Internet Advertising Consists of:

  • Peak Real Estate Solutions website
  • Peak Realty  website
  • mls.ca/Realtor.com
  • Point2 Homes website
  • Point2 Homes Facebook
  • Craigslist
  • Backpage.com
  • Kijiji.ca
  • Livedeal (Division of Torstar)
  • Googlebase
  • Base.google.com
  • Edgio.com
  • Vast.com
  • Canwest.com
  • Propertypossibility.com
  • US condo exchange

And more...


We will also:

  • Equip your home with secure lock box,  to help maximize the showings for home
  • Have all agents within our office e-mailed with a copy of the listing for your home
  • E-mail all our client base a copy of your listing as well.

Did you know that over 80% of all buyers in Canada use the internet to search for a home? This figure should not be of a surprise to you. If you have thought about listing your home for sale and you want to maximize your exposure on the internet to all prospective buyers,our website will . 
If you are considering a move, please give us a call for a hassle free, COMPLIMENTARY Home Evaluation.
Our goal is to get you top dollar for your home or property with the minimum amount of inconvenience. Jodi and Bruno always negotiate in the best interests of their clients. We will be happy to review our Marketing Plan  with you.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, we invite you to contact us and we would be happy to assist you with this important transaction.

We are your   RELOCATION TEAM,  whether you are relocating across the street, another province or even the USA, we can help with all aspects of purchasing or selling.

We have an extensive team of  Mortgage Brokers, Home Inspectors, Lawyers, Moving companies standing by to make your next move easy and stress free. 



MOVING CHECKLIST- When moving you should notify/do address changes for the following:     

         ·         407 ETR

·         Accountants/Financial Advisors (RRSP’s, RESP’s)

·         Banks/Trust Companies/Credit Unions (Savings, Chequing, Loans, Line of Credit)

·         Bell Canada

·         Car Insurance

·         Car lease

·         Cell Phone Provider

·         Credit Card Companies (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Sears, The Brick, Petro-Canada, etc)

·         Doctors (Family, Dentist, Chiropractor)

·         Driver’s License

·         Employer(s)

·         Family/Friends

·         Favorite Retailers/Restaurant (Birthday Club from Restaurant)

·         Gas Company

·         Hydro

·         Magazines/Newspaper /Book Subscriptions

·         Memberships (Blockbuster, Roger’s Video, etc)

·         OHIP

·         Pager Provider

·         Schools/Clubs/Recreational Groups (Summer Camps, etc)


Feng Shui

Jodi and Bruno have successfully completed a course on Feng Shui from the Canadians Schools of Feng Shui



Feng Shui is also known as the Chinese art of placement, is also known as acupuncture for homes. Over the last few years Feng Shui has become very popular in the West, being featured in many newspapers and in bookstore shelves. The idea first sounds some what strange: how can you shift or move your furniture to change your luck? How can you re-position a mirror to bring in more money/wealth? Why does it matter if there are beams over your bed? It sounds confusing. However, if you believe that our homes are full of energy, that is constantly moving, then it makes sense that the lay-out of our homes, and the positioning of furniture with other features, will also affect how the energy flows in our homes.

How Feng Shui Works has evolved around ten thousand years ago in China. The ancient Chinese people believed that invisible life energy (chi) flows through everything in life. It is the energy that moves molecules. Everything on the earth is made of molecules and the role of molecules is to stay in constant motion, they bounce against each other. The molecules are tightly packed and moving too slow for the eye to see. When molecules are father apart, like in wind or water, we can actually see the movement. "Chi" is known as the energy that keeps everything moving. This is the philosophy behind acupuncture. When the energy in your body is flowing freely and easily, you will in turn stay fit and healthy. However, if the energy becomes stagnant, blocked and undisciplined (through bad diet, lifestyle etc) you will most likely become ill. Acupuncture acts by removing the blockages or calming the energy flow - they regulate the chi. This principle is the same as it relates to our homes. The Chinese believe that buildings that we live in require attention just as our bodies, and as such have developed this complex science for "healing" the environment. Centuries of research show that different areas of the home as well different parts of each room attract specific energies.

The Chinese discovered that the layout of rooms as well as the position of furniture or features can help or hinder the free flow of energy. If energy is blocked or is allowed to flow swiftly; it would cause blockages and problems in life. Clutter in your home can "catch" energy, stopping its free circulation and causing it to be dull and stagnant. Avoid sharp corners as they can send energy shooting out, in a strong concentration. A series of open doors can send energy racing through, too fast. A blank wall will stop the energy dead all together. However, the Chinese discovered that very small yet specific changes, such as hanging wind chimes or crystals in certain places or even using certain colors would correct this and put your life back on track. Boosting particular areas with colors and objects can even create better energy and better opportunities in your life. Feng Shui teaches us that by making small changes in your home you can affect changes in your life, from finances, health, relationships, as well as spirituality.

Feng Shui in Business is taken very seriously, not just in China but around the world. to keep ahead of competition and to maintain profits high. Today, businesses are willing to try Feng Shui as a tool to close deals, enhance market share, or expand.

Banks, restaurants and corporations throughout the world have consulted with Feng Shui experts.

Feng Shui Results  an example, an Australian hotel was constantly empty until an Oriental firm purchased it and consulted with a Feng Shui expert. The problem was with the staircase: they faced the front doors and the hotel's energy was shooting outwards and as such being lost. The staircase was moved and the hotel's business increased almost immediately.

There was a couple who were on the verge of divorce. They could hardly bear to talk to one another. A Feng Shui consultant checked their house and found the problem in their bedroom. There was a large beam in the ceiling above their bed which effectively divided their bed in half. In Feng Shui, beams are considered to cause quarrels and even ill-health in the people who sleep under them. The consultant advised the couple to move their bed. "Now they are newly in love again," she reports, "the beam was cutting them in half, separating them".

Feng Shui Can Enhance Mnay Areas of Your Life. Feng Shui is very complex. If you have a house with an unusual layout or if your unit is a very odd in shape, you may find it difficult to apply the rules to your own space. You should consider calling a professional Feng Shui consultant.

Feng Shui is based on the idea that certain areas of your home impact specific aspects of your life. When these spaces in your home that effect your finances are cluttered, stagnant, not moving, or missing from your floor plan, it can be difficult to attract money and hold on to it as well.

Poor Feng Shui can lead to increased arguments and miscommunication, can affect your relationships and even affect your reputation at work or hinder your personal growth.

Energy in your home and how they affect your life

WEALTH: Wealth governs your finances, money and the material side of life. If you have problems with the wealth area of your home - if it is missing, cluttered or blocked off, you will undoubtedly find money is tight. This area can also correspond to your feelings of abundance in general: you might feel "rich" with blessings, full of joie de vivre, with a sense of happy well-being if this area is working well.

FAME: This can apply to true fame or it can show how you are viewed by the outside world: or your social standing. It also aids your self-esteem, confidence, and you will feel good about yourself.

MARRIAGE and RELATIONSHIPS: If you like a healthy relationship or would just like to maintain a relationship, this is one of the areas you should concentrate on. This represents your relationship with the world, as well as yourself. You cannot have good relationship with others unless you have a good relationship with yourself.

HELPFUL PEOPLE: Everyone benefits from having helpful people in your life. This area makes sure that you could find help from unexpected places and people.

CAREER:  Are you earning the income that you want, with ease. Do you enjoy your job, or require a change?  

KNOWLEDGE:  This generates wisdom, education, inner knowledge, spiritual wisdom, fresh ideas and inspiration.

HOUSE NUMBERS--An address is consderd lucky if it includes the number 8, which sounds like the word for good luck.

Conversely, the number 4 sounds like the word death in Cantonese and is often avoided. Other lucky numbers are 1, 3 and 7 


Feng Shui Horoscope

Yours now Free from a Professional Asian Astrologer, claim yours here!


Feng Shui Chimes
Fill Your Home With Positive Vibes. Buy These Gorgeous Windchimes Now!